Don't allow your chronic pain to make choices for you.

Learn ways to manage, reduce or relieve your long term pain. Don't just get by with pain, take charge and start living again!

Foundation for Change is an information website, program and blog created BY a chronic pain sufferer FOR chronic pain sufferers.

It aims to help people living with chronic pain by giving them the tools and support to manage and alleviate their condition as much as possible.

Sydney resident David Marcer has lived and mostly recovered from chronic pain since a serious motor vehicle accident in 2012 left him with lifelong injuries. As a result, he created Foundation for Change as a down-to-earth look into the life of a chronic pain sufferer who has put together a plan for chronic pain management and successfully followed it.

There is also the Foundation for Change Blog, which will showcase products, therapies, interviews with experts and pain sufferers, all this may give you an insight into the opportunities that may be available to you, so you can take that next step in your road to recovery.

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The Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy for long term pain

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The Foundation for Change Program

The Foundation for Change program, is a series of sixteen video’s, that will help you understand the physical and mental aspects that may be required to make a successful recovery from your chronic pain or illness.

The program is presented from my perspective, it shows my thoughts, methods, and the challenges I have had to overcome to recover from my chronic pain and illness, these are proven methods though, that anyone can use, adjust, and make their own.

I know we are all different, we all suffer pain differently, and we all recover at a different pace, but one thing that I have learned through my recovery process, is how close we often are, without realising it, to finding our own successful path to recovery, sometimes all it takes is one word, the one sentence, or one new idea, that can potentially inspire us to make a change from our life of pain, into the life that we want to live again, where you are not at the mercy of your pain and anxiety, you aren’t overcome by stress and frustration can be a thing of the past.

The Foundation for Change, might just show you the way. 


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