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About David Marcer

In October 2012 I was involved in a horrific car accident. I survived, despite a few close calls, but was left with ongoing chronic pain throughout my body.

I decided to start the Foundation For Change in early 2016, although the idea for the concept started in 2013/2014 when a number of health professionals told me I should write a book about the chronic pain management success I had achieved through having a positive attitude, being persistent and the knowledge and awareness I had gained in regards to myself and my long term pain.

This is not to say that western medicine did not play its part. I am only alive today because of the skill and dedication of the many doctors and other health professionals who treated me immediately after my accident, and in the years of rehabilitation that followed.

At one stage of my recovery I was seeing 14 different health professionals, some didn’t help, some were able to help a little and some helped a lot, but it was up to me to put it all the pieces together so I could see the full picture, I did this partly by gaining the knowledge and awareness of what I could do internally to help myself, and also what was available to me in an external sense to be able to move forward and put a recovery plan in place. I was lucky I had a pre-accident history of successfully reaching some big goals in my life, so I knew that there is always a start and end to reaching a goal.

What a lot of people don’t realise, is that if the goal is big enough there is always a lot of hard work and sacrifice in between.

Ultimately, you and you alone will have to do most of the hard work and remain responsible for your own success and failures. I’ve found that learning to manage chronic pain is like setting a goal to climb Mount Everest, the more knowledge and awareness you have of the conditions you will face, the better you can plan ahead, the stronger your self-belief will be, and the greater your chance of success you will have.

Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic pain and illness, most people feel like they are just thrown a backpack, told to deal with it, and start climbing their own personal Mount Everest. People are fearful of the unknown and often never end up taking the first step to recovery. Some try, then realise they don’t know their way and turn back. Some keep trying, only to be forced back each time by their pain and suffering. If you relate to one of these scenarios, we may be able to help, my goal is to provide you with relevant information that can assist you, in finding your own personal path to managing your chronic pain successfully.



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